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About Compton High School ASB

Our Mission

The Associated Student Body (ASB) of Compton High School provides an opportunity for students to practice democratic leadership.  ASB provides an opportunity for students to practice democratic leadership in practical school situations.  Students learn how to collaborate with school staff, teachers, and faculty to organizing and overseeing school operations which include assemblies, spirit rallies, dances, student elections, meetings, social and recreational events, athletic events, and more. All students are encouraged to participate and be involved with this highly visible group on campus. The ASB Student Leadership serves Compton High School by voicing and addressing student opinions and needs, upholding the Tarbabe ASB Constitution, overseeing the expenditures of student funds, raising funds through various student activities, supporting and recognizing campus clubs and organizations, and sponsoring many school-wide programs and events. The primary goals of ASB is to create a memorable experience for all students on campus, to promote Tarbabe Unity, Pride, Leadership and SPIRIT as well as to grow as student leaders of the future. ASB actively works to ensure that student activities and campus life are alive and well organized.

ASB Mission: About Us


"One Student Body, One Student Voice."

ASB Mission: Text
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