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August 20th,2020

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Class of 2020,

               Tarbabes, today we celebrate the 122nd Graduating Class of Compton High School, it was a pleasure representing the class of 2020, even though the road was rough we have made it and will always have a story to tell. Our class is like no other. We have continued to thrive despite these unprecedented circumstances. Although we didn’t plan to graduate like this, it doesn’t make us any less deserving of a diploma, in fact we deserve it even more with all of the challenges we've had to overcome. This is the graduating class of the original Compton High School, we with all the great years of memories leave a mark for a new generation of Tarbabes. I will be the first in my family to attend a 4-year university like many others, and my family would’ve liked to celebrate differently as I imagine many other families would too. My parents came to this country to give me a better chance, so the opportunities could be life changing, so that my dreams could be accomplished unlike theirs. The support and resources that I received at Compton High School is truly what let these opportunities come my way, so many programs and clubs that moved me and pushed me to my limits. From clubs such as AVID, programs like EAOP and ETS and organizations like ASB are what helped me become who I am and helped me reach my goals. We truly deserve to be recognized with more than just a “graduation” because we worked hard for 13 years to get where we are now. All I know is that our experience is like no other graduating class before us. I hope this gives us more motivation to put our mark on the world, to make a difference, and have our voices heard. Remember be proud to be from Compton, Uphold your school say it loud I’m from Compton, I graduated from Compton High if I can, You Can and don’t ever forget, Once a Tarbabe always a Tarbabe.

Congratulations Class of 2020


Lizbeth Luis

2019-2020 ASB President


Farewell Class of 2020,

                       Congratulations senior Class of 2020, we made it. What a year Tarbabes. I hope we always cherish the great memories we all take with us from the great halls of Compton High School, the football or basketball games, or even from running to class as the tardy bell rung. It was a great high school experience like no one has ever had before, one for the books and we made it we Drive Thru graduated straight out of quarantine. I would like to read this speech out loud in front of a big crowd to thank all the people and friends that made this accomplishment come true. However large gatherings are not permitted at the moment. Thank you to my friends who made high school easier, the Compton Staff and teachers for all their hard work. Thank you, mom and dad, for all the love and support during this experience I truly love you and appreciate you. Seniors the memories I mentioned will be ours and ours to keep as we are the last graduating class of the original Compton High School, with all its great years of history, tradition and achievement today we leave a mark for a new generation of Tarbabes and history. If we were able to graduate and defeat all the obstacles so can they. It was a pleasure serving as your ASB Vice- President. We may not have the ending we were once promised or the ending we see in movies, but we have a brighter tomorrow to look forward to. Class of 2020 C-High 4 Life!


Elizabeth Mariscal

2019-2020 ASB Vice-President

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The main function of Spirit Squad is to promote a positive and welcoming environment while promoting school pride. During the academic school year you will gain many leadership skills such as; public speaking, advertising, decision making, teamwork, and a lifelong commitment to being the necessary change you wish to see at Compton High School and in the world.


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